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Kemi Olunloyo in jail?

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kemi olunloyo

Wow how the local champions are falling! Kemi Olunloyo photographed in prison. What did she do? Who did she offend? No wonder she hasn’t been present on social media cussing out innocent people and anyone who disagrees with her.   

I read on Ogbeni Segun Alli facebook profile that she couldn’t make bail, her family and friends have abandoned her. Omase o, what did she do? I hope she keeps her mouth shut when she gets out of jail and learns her lesson. 

Update: I just read on ogbeni Adekunle-Alli facebook profile that she allegedly wrote a story about the general overseer of Redeem Christian Church of God, Pastor Adeboye having extra marital affairs and she was arrested for defamation of name. Good for her, she should learn how to first of all respect her elders and also not to accuse someone of something they didn’t do. I sincerely hope she changes her bad behaviour and change for the better. 


Photo credit: Ogbeni Segun Adekunle-Alli JP