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Kemi Olunloyo in jail?

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kemi olunloyo

Wow how the local champions are falling! Kemi Olunloyo photographed in prison. What did she do? Who did she offend? No wonder she hasn’t been present on social media cussing out innocent people and anyone who disagrees with her.   

I read on Ogbeni Segun Alli facebook profile that she couldn’t make bail, her family and friends have abandoned her. Omase o, what did she do? I hope she keeps her mouth shut when she gets out of jail and learns her lesson. 

Update: I just read on ogbeni Adekunle-Alli facebook profile that she allegedly wrote a story about the general overseer of Redeem Christian Church of God, Pastor Adeboye having extra marital affairs and she was arrested for defamation of name. Good for her, she should learn how to first of all respect her elders and also not to accuse someone of something they didn’t do. I sincerely hope she changes her bad behaviour and change for the better. 


Photo credit: Ogbeni Segun Adekunle-Alli JP

Queen Bee is breaking the internet with the news her twins.

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Beyonce: Pregnant With Twins Photo

Ever since she announced on Instagram that she and hubby are expecting twins, her picture with the baby bump has been liked more than nine million times beating Selena Gomez who had the highest most liked picture before.

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She further released more pictures of her baby bump in different postures. Her postures are innovative, daring and beautiful. She’s always been innovative and original, my favourite is the picture above, under water upside down posture, beautiful.

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Her hubby rapper Jay Z has not released any statement and he acted coy when a reporter from TMZ accosted him, he is probably still ecstatic over the news he can’t say anything.

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Their daughter Blue Ivy who is five years old will surely be a nice big sis to the twins.

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The world is watching the pregnancy tenure and birth of hip hop power couple babies. Wishing them happy birth when the time comes, until then its all good wishes and congratulations.




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They honestly do make up everything.


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It’s going down!

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My favourite boxer Anthony Oluwafemi Joshua is facing Wladimir Klitschko in the boxing ring on the 29th of April 2017 at Wembley stadium London. Anthony is the undisputed IBF heavyweight champion and his belt will definitely be on line when he faces Klitschko on that spring day. The two-time world champion Klitschko has trained Joshua in 2014 against his fight with Charles Martin.  Joshua is training to win but says knocking Klitschko out will be “cherry on top” of the fight. I just hope he wins, because Klitschko will be his toughest opponent so far. Fingers crossed for my favourite boxer.

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Anthony Joshua.

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Anthony Joshua and Wladimir Klitschko

Good luck Vice President Mike Pence!

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It was nice meeting you Mr Pence, its been quite a while now. I remember this day very well, it was thanksgiving in 2014 and my aunt had asked us to volunteer with her at a charity event. Vice president Pence was there as well. He was nice and little did we know of him then as visitors in United States. Congrats on the election and good luck to you Mr Pence.

All family together supporting a good cause, giving back!

Family strength!

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Family: a social group consisting of two parents and children living together as a unit or descendants of the same ancestor. The strength of this unit can be so enormous when they stand together and can be devastating when divided. You are specially blessed when you have a loving family and lonely when you don’t have a loving family. You are even more blessed when you have loving extended family. When you have a loving family you know no matter what you are going to face you have people who will always support you. God is the foundation of family and the people are the pillars and the blocks that hold it together. Every individual have their roles in the family units, some are the pillars ( they stand ready to hold everyone together, holding the family together always), some are the blocks (they hold the family against invaders and shield it from different weather and season), and some are the breeders and insiders (they lengthen the family genes/heritage and go along with whatever goes on in the family). In times of crisis, you can lean on each other or lean on those that are the pillars and the blocks. Having your family’s support can help you weather through the storm. Nothing like the strength of those who love you regardless of anything. The power of the family love.